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Over the years, Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt Ltd, (VAST) Pune, has evolved as a hub for incubating technology driven products to enhance business agility and efficiency with cutting edge technologies. 
VAST services encompass conceptualization and ideation, prototyping, building scalable architecture and minimum viable product to product launch.

Its frameworks and components fine-tuned with on-the-floor practical experimentation, reduce the delivery cycle time, allow our customers to launch products expeditiously and reduce time to market. Rapid MVP- the flagship in-house development process of VAST- enables not just the delivery of prototype but the working application itself in less than 60 days. The process includes brainstorming the idea, wireframes preparation, designing an engaging user interface, selecting right frameworks (MEAN & MERN, React Native, Flutter) and technologies (AI/ML, Micro services).

Meet the Team

A serial entrepreneur with hands-on experience in developing and deploying  technology solutions across diverse domains  ranging from Construction Safety to Mobile platform for hyper-local - small businesses with local consumers

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Prashant Upasani

22+ Years of experience in successfully
managing Information Technology 
products & Projects.

Sachin Arole
Product Owner
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clientcare-team- sachin arole

12+ Years of experience in Marketing
And growth hacking.

Koeli Chatterjee
Marketing Head
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ClientCare-team- Koeli C

8+ Years of experience in enterprise Products & Services Sales

Kaushik Markale
Sales Manager
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ClientCare - Team - Kaushik Markale



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